Forum Organisation


Forum organizing committee shall be chaired by the Executive Director KCCA, with representatives from the Ministry of East African Affairs, representative from Ministry of Local Government, Ministry of Internal affairs, and the members from the development partners. The committee shall provide oversight and preparation guidance and is responsible for the events.
The committee will provide the forum with the necessary political support, engagements and advice on settling major challenges. It will help to ensure co-ordination with other government Agencies in the region, relevant local urban authorities and urban stakeholders that are critical to the realization of forum objectives.


The secretariat shall report to the organizing committee to ensure effective and timely implementation of ECACDF preparatory activities and ensure the participation of relevant stakeholders and co-ordination and managing their contributions.
The secretariat shall be in Kampala and managed by a team of professional in urban management. The Secretariat will help in event planning, identifying activities and committing resources for effective execution and assisting in ensuring coherence, coordination and operationalization of the ECACDF.
Various other sub-committees shall be identified and put in place to increase efficiency and timeliness in the major preparatory areas.

Beyond Kampala 2016: The role of ECACDF

The Secretariat will hold a number of follow-up seminars with various cities and organize various technical sub- committee meetings seeking to implement forum declarations. The various technical sub-committees shall be established to address the urbanization challenges identified and agreed upon under the various thematic areas in the Kampala chapter. The Secretariat shall work closely with various development partners and agencies interested in urban development and management. The secretariat shall be an ex-officio member of the EAC and participate in various world and other regional forums on Urbanization to enhance the exchange of ideas and best practices in urban development and management.
Each technical sub-committee will identify a regional coordinator that shall work with the secretariat to promote the sub-committee agenda across the region. ECACDF shall therefore develop a plan and budget based on the technical sub-committees that shall be presented for funding from various development partners, agencies, International NGOs and Government. This will help to bring to the negotiating table the cause of rapid urbanization and spatial development in East and Central Africa.

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