image — Some ot the slums in Kampala City

Inclusive growth, Slum Upgrade and Engendering Rapid Urbanization

The challenge in East and Central African cities is the increasing trends of Income Inequality and poverty. The rapid urbanization has tended to be distortional, resulting in increasing informal settlements, low value jobs youth unemployment and growth of slums. The region is rapidly urbanizing while becoming younger and poorer. The equalization transfers from central government have been slow and quite insignificant given the current youth unemployment challenge. The current social services in the region have only served as an attraction to rural urban migration, not as a foundation for industrial and service sector growth.

The promotion of inclusive growth that addresses youth unemployment, gender and supports the rights of the marginalized is the foundation for delivering shared urban prosperity. There is need for cities within the region to review and develop social inclusion strategies while promoting employment creation if the sustainable development agenda is to be realized.

Addressing slum improvement needs a comprehensive program that emphasizes employment creation and income generation, which frees idle labor into other gainful employment needed to enhance Labour productivity and deliver shared urban prosperity. Emphasis needs to be put on addressing structural supply challenges that hinder SME development, while streamlining urban demand structures that promotion of local economic development.

The forum will seek to address the following among others:

How can cities promote social inclusion, improve accessibility, ability, opportunity and dignity of the urban dwellers with specific reference to the marginalized?
Who gets excluded and how?
What Policy Environment need to be promoted to deliver social inclusion and youth employment?
What adjustments need to be done to enhance effectiveness of social service programs to deliver social prosperity?
Can social guarantees help to build equality and opportunity in Eastern African cities?
How Can Urban Agriculture be promoted as a social inclusion strategy?
How can development partners leverage the efforts of city administrators to promote social inclusion and reduction in urban inequality?

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