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Spatial Planning, Infrastructure, Mobility and Housing

Rapid Urbanization has created a spatial planning challenge. In many cities areas that 10 years ago were peri-urban and rural have today been transformed into urban areas. Areas that were never planned as urban areas have been urbanized without a physical development plan.

Slums have become a major concern in the area consisting of series of survival strategies by the displaced rural poor. The increase in slums has compounded the public health and sanitation challenge in the cities. The poor garbage management practices and increased poor sanitation facilities have increased prevalence of many preventable diseases. Ensuring sustainable access to basic sanitation, efficient drainage systems and waste management practices is at the center of transforming the cities in the region into livable cities.
Rapid urbanization has increased the demand for clean domestic energy. The forum will focus on the best practices and appropriate technologies for clean energy that will support the regional low carbon development pathway.

The forum will seek to address the following among others:

What strategies do East and Central Africa cities need to employ to deliver decent housing programs?
How to transit from waste as a liability into a resource, what are the available policy options?
What are the alternative financing strategies to close the huge sewage infrastructure gaps?
What are the legal and policy gaps that need to be addressed to improve the housing and associate infrastructure investment?
To what is the promotion of transit oriented development a solution to huge infrastructure investment gap and growth of slums?
Can East African cities deliver planned livable neighborhoods?
To what is the current land tenure system in the city a hindrance to planned spatial development, and what are policy recommendations to address land rights?
How can development partner efforts augment the city administration program to deliver a livable built environment?

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