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Water, Sanitation, Safety and Urban Health

The increasing rate of urbanization has challenged the capacity of health service delivery. The increasing cases of Violence, crime and congestion have worsened poor health service delivery. Consequently eroding human, economic and financial capital needed for sustained urbanization. Diarrheal diseases still take a central position as one of the major causes of morbidity in the cities due to a system failure of water and sanitation facilities. In Uganda only up to 7% are connected to the national sewer grid and significant number of the urban poor still depend on the water springs for domestic water needs that is already polluted due to low water table and high volume of on-site sanitation.
The overwhelming infrastructure and human resource for health demands in many cities have reduced government to only act in periods of health crisis. Increasing access to safe drinking water in the marginal communities, improving housing conditions, delivery of efficient public health delivery systems and streamlining of public transport systems will be key areas during the forum discussion.
The road and transport accidents have become a major source of morbidity in major African cities causing a significant part of the health budget. In Uganda up to 60% of the health budget is spent on treating Boda Boda Accidents that are a major drain on the limited resources committed to delivery of health services. Safer users, safer transport means, roads and post-accident responses, as well as building capacity are five action points for making our roads safer.

The forum will seek to address the following concerns:

What are the policy options that need to support health service delivery in cities, how can the cities in the region optimize investment in health infrastructure, is purchase of Health output the answer?
Is poor health a result or consequence of urban violence?
The challenges of the existing institutional and human resource capacity to address the current health concerns, what the role of community sensitisation and awareness in building a health society.
what is the role of governance institutions in water and sanitation responses, How can issues of water and sanitation be talked in cities with little or no infrastructural planning?

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